Thanks for sending this track through. Rag’n’Bone Man is such an exciting new artist. There is so much passion in the way he performs. His voice is full of soul and an honest, authentic heart that you simple don’t hear much these days.

The song is called Human. I want to use the simplicity of this title and run with it. Thematically the song seems to be about Rory’s reconciliation with himself and that understanding that we are all only human after all. We can’t expect too much from anyone. No one has the answer to everything.

This is all about finding a clever yet simple technique that explains the theme of the song in an abstract or metaphorical sense but also keeps the viewer locked, a new way to view a music video. We want people to share this, feel inspired and watch again and again. This technique will also be perfect for wide scale consumption on social media.

Predominantly performance based, this video will highlight Rory as a top performer. I want to split this video into three sections utilizing three camera and post techniques.

Taking inspiration from the artist/photographer Micael Reynaud, I want to use the slit scan, Gif and stop frame techniques he uses in his work to bring Rory’s video to life in a way I’ve not really seen in a music video before. Beyond making a great video, this visual device will lend itself really nicely to isolating awesome clips for sharing on instagram, facebook and twitter.

As I said there will be three main sections in the video. Once brought together will form a unique, standout video that people will remember. 



In this section I will film Rory’s face close up. He will sync to the music. As the track progresses his face morphs in a GIF style into other interesting looking faces who are also singing the lines. Please look at the ref below as a good example of what I mean. This is all about taking the lyric about being human and showing that all of us go through this at one point or another. We will mainly focus on Rory but will film another 8-10 people that we dial through if and when the songs rhythm needs it. We don’t want smiley happy faces. We want real emotion. Maybe some are crying, maybe some are angry. We should represent the lyrics in an emotional way. We will find a cast that have cool and interesting faces, but it’s about being real and authentic, it isn’t about models. 


This is all about Rory. We will film a stop frame Slit Scan time lapse around him as he performs. The camera constantly moves around him or back and forth on a track in 2 or 3 London locations that best represent his personality and vibe. Nothing too gritty or urban but we will know we’re in the UK. 



This is a chance to tell a very loose narrative about the lyrics and bring an arc to the video. I love the idea of using the Slit scan 360 ̊ timelapse to circle a mini story of Rory and a girl. She is crying. They both sit on the edge of the bed. Rory looks like he is trying to explain something to her, and as the camera turns the girl changes to become other girls. He seems to be explaining the same thing to every girl he ever gets with, he’s caught in this cycle for now. They all think he can solve the internal problems but he can’t. 



Budget dependent, we might get a second unit team shooting details of the locations. We should be picking up details of the people and places, trees and buildings to be used within the gif technique, to give the whole video time to breath when it needs it, and to use them musically/rhythmically in an eye catching way in the edit and to create textures.